Contactless web cleaning ELCLEAN

Product description
  • Non-contact system for automatic web cleaning for corrugated and converting
  • Operator panel via touchscreen
  • Cleaning heads above and below the web, with anti-static unit
  • Automatic raise/lower during order change
  • Automatic gap adjustment in case of web heights changes
  • Automatic filter for a contineous production
  • Self-cleaning filter with discharge hopper
  • Cleaning after the knife, full width top/bottom head
  • Closed air circuit, no environmental dust pollution
  • Clean sheets in brown board or pre-printed production
  • Significant reduced dust arising during stack up
  • Reduced washing cycle for post-print - 5 to 7 times prolonged cycle
  • Reduced metal particles from slitter blades
  • Reduced warranty claims from high graphic customers
  • Compatible to the E+L system network ELCorruMatic
Technical Specifications
Working width [mm] 2.200 mm
2.500 mm
2.800 mm
3.300 mm
Vmax Max 500 m/min
Ambient temperature 10° – 50° C
Filter unit One cleaning head Two to three cleaning heads
Dimension (h/w/d) 2.680/950/950 mm (2x) 2.680/950/950 mm
Nominal current 8.1 Amps (2x) 8.1 Amps
Air volume (at engine) 4000 m³/h (2x) 4000 m³/h
Voltage  400 V 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Energy consumption 4.0 kW (2x) 4.0 kW
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