Process automation ELCORRUMATIC CCM

Product description
  • The ELCORRUMATIC CCM (Corrugator Control Modul) controls all corrugator parameters in regard to quality of corrugated board production
  • Automatic control of all process parameters such as temperature, glue application, web tension, roller and steam pressures in regard to the paper and flute profiles of the running order
  • The control geometry is taken all recorded paper qualities into account as well as coatings, pre-prints or water resistant glue types
  • High quality production without delamination or extensive warp
  • Decreased energy consumption due to steam or glue optimization
  • Various modules available
Technical Specifications
Connected value 2,5 kW
Nominal current 2 A
Control voltage 24V DC
Ambient temperature 10°C – 50°C (non-condensing)
Power supply 400V, 3 Ph, PE
Frequency 50 Hz