Process automation RSM

Product description
  • Main objective of the system is the determination and the exchange of paper length information of the respective active paper rolls in the wet end in the area of corrugated board production (corrugator), of printing machines or laminators.
  • The ELCorruMatic Roll Stock Management System (RSM) records the amount of lineal meterage used for any given order, allowing customers to analyse the amount of material required to fulfil the order and any wastage which occurred during production. 
  • The RSM System also provides full data about the remaining lineal meterage on any part used reel, providing customers with accurate statistics to help manage their paper stock inventory. 
  • As with any system within the ELCorruMatic product range, the RSM System can be used as a standalone system or integrated into any of the ELCorruMatic Modules.
  • The module provides accurate and reliable monitoring and reporting of paper consumption.
  • Sensors (proximity switches and encoders) are mounted on each splicer & roll stands to provide paper consumption and „rest roll“ information.
  • Operator controls allows incorrect rolls to be „returned“ to the roll store without any change to the roll stock database.
  • Communication interface with Witron provides scanned roll information to the RSM and feedback of consumption.
Technical Specifications
Connected value 2,5 kW
Nominal current 2 A
Control voltage 24V DC
Ambient temperature 10°C – 50°C (non-condensing)
Power supply 400V, 3 Ph, PE
Frequency 50 Hz
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